Sumitomo S1V

S1V Sumitomo fiber Splicer

Active Clad Alignment Fusion Splicer

Sumitomo S1V splicing machine is specially designed for FTTH connections, making it an ideal choice for service providers and technicians involved in expanding broadband access to homes. S1V is the world's smallest, user-friendly and most light weight splicing machine in India. S1V- Compact, Smart & Tough. It means easy to carry, easier, smart technology and easy opration under worst conditions. S1V Fiber Optic Splicing Machine has several notable features are -

1. Splice & heat Cycles may vary depending on the battery status and the operating environment.

2. Long Life Battery for Approx 250 splice & heat Cycle

3. Low Splicing Loss

4. Supported Nanotune™ Technology

5. Electrode Life-6000 Arc display Charges

6. 200 images / 10,000 splice data (internal memory only), 50,200 / 20,000 (With 16GB SD card)

7. Weight: 0.9kg (without Battery), 1.2kg (with Battery BU-17 )

Product Gallery

Accessories for Splicers

Part Name

Part No.


Battery pack


Li-ion 10.8V, 4,560mAh

Battery charger


For BU-17

Car battery cable


For car battery operation(cigarette socket type)

V-groove cleaning brush


Brush for cleaning V-groove —



Kit for hanging tray around neck

Working tray strap kit


For tripod use — —

Tripod adapter


Table-top type

USB cable


Handheld type

Shoulder belt


Jacket remover for single fiber — —


Fiber cleaver



60mm, diameter after shrink approx.

3.2mm 40mm, diameter after shrink

Jacket remover


approx. 3.2mm 61mm, diameter after

Loose tube cutter


shrink approx. 2.6mm 60mm, For drop

Alcohol dispenser


Fiber protection











Optical fiber Fiber Requirement


Silica glass

Fiber count / Profile types

Single / SMF(G.652), MMF(G.651), DSF(G.653), NZDSF(G.655), BIF(G.657)

Fiber diameter

Cladding diameter : 125 m, Coating diameter : 250 ~ 1,000 m

Cleave length

5 to 16mm for single fiber

Standard Performance

Splicing Loss(Typical)

SMF : 0.03dB, MMF : 0.01dB, DSF : 0.05dB, NZDSF : 0.05dB

Return loss (typical)

60dB or greater

Splice time (typical)

6sec (SM G652 Quick Mode)

Heating time (typical)

17sec (FPS-61-2.6 sleeve, S60mm 0.25 Mode)

Splice & Heat cycles per battery full charge*

Approx. 250 (BU-17)

Fiber view & magnification

2 CMOS cameras observation, 140X (zoom 370X) for X and Y axis view

Proof test

1.96 ~ 2.09N

Applicable protection sleeve

60mm, 40mm & Sumitomo Nano sleeves


Splice programs

Max. 300, 16 are pre-optimised, 284 editable by user

Heating programs

Max. 100, 23 are pre-optimised, 77 editable by user


Splice image capture / Splice data storage

200 images / 10,000 splice data (internal memory only), 50,200 / 20,000 (With 16GB SD card)



Multi clamp

Provided, 250 m, 900 m tight & loose buer fiber, 2 & 3mm jacket cord and rectangular drop cable

Heater clamp for splice on connector

3.5mm round drop cable Provided

Automatic arc calibration

Automatically compensates for environmental condition changes

Onboard user training video Size


Onboard user training video Size


Size / Weight

126(W) x 154(D) x 83(H) mm (without protrusion)


0.9kg (without Battery), 1.2kg (with Battery BU-17 )


4.3" color LCD display


USB port

USB 2.0 (mini-B type)

Storage media

SD / SDHC memory card Max 32GB

Power supply

AC input

AC 100 ~ 240V, 50/60Hz (ADC-15)

DC input

DC 10 ~ 15V

Battery pack

Li-ion 10.8V, 4,560mAh (BU-17)

Operating condition

Altitude : 0 ~ 5,000m, Temperature : -10 ~ +50°C, Humidity : 0 ~ 95%RH (non-condensing), Wind velocity : up to 15m/sec

Storage condition

Temperature : -40 ~ +80°C, Humidity : 0 ~ 95%RH (non-condensing), Battery : -20 ~ +30°C (long term)

Electrode life

6,000 arc discharges Internet

Software updates

Can be stored, edited and analyzed by dedicated PC software

1 : Average value of the final inspection in room temperature with Sumitomo identical fiber. Measured by cut-back method relevant to ITU-T and IEC standards.

2 : Splice & Heat cycles may vary depending on the battery status and the operating environment.

3 : Achieved in lab condition. Electrode life may vary depending on the operating environment.

Test details

Shock resistance

Drop from 76cm on 5 faces(excluding top face), 4 edges Battery pack BU-17 Shock resistance and corners (bottom face only)

Impact resistance

Protected against 2J impact, it is equivalent to a 500g force from 40cm

Water resistance

Equivalent to IPx2

Dust resistance

Equivalent to IP5x

Splicer operation after shock, water or dust tests, was confirmed under Electrode ER-17

battery power, by Sumitomo. Working tray strap kit WSK-18

Does not guarantee the product will not be damaged by these conditions.

Accessories for Splicers

Part Name

Part No.


AC adapter


1 pc

AC power cord


1 pc

Battery pack


1 pc

Quick reference guide


1 pc

Carrying case


1 pc

Working tray


1 pc

X=2(USA), 3(EU), 5(UK/HK), 6(AUS), 8(CHINA), 9(INDIA), 10(BRAZIL) Items listed in the table are typical contents included with the splicer body. Overall kit content may vary regionally. Please check with your local authorized reseller to confirm kit content in your region.

Sumitomo Fiber optic splicing machine