MI Line


Manual Insertion Line (MI Line)

Manual Insertion Line (MI)" in the context of electronics manufacturing, it likely pertains to a production line where certain components are manually inserted into a product or assembly. In such a line, human operators are involved in placing components onto a printed circuit board (PCB) or into an electronic device. We use only the best quality materials, and our plant is equipped with the latest technology to monitor and maintain optimal manufacturing conditions, ensuring that our fiber optic cables are produced to the highest standards.

Features :

1. Well equipped I.Q.C. dept to insure incoming raw material quality.

2. A full-fledged Assembly Line.

3. ESD Safe Assembly Line.

4. Testing Jigs and Fixtures.

MI Line Video

Major Equipments - MI Line :

1. MI assembly line of adequate length

2. Dual Trace Oscilloscope.

3. Surface Resistance Tester

4.Torque Meter

5. Multimeter.

6. High Voltage Breakdown tester

7. Temperature Control Soldering Iron

8. Wave Soldering Machine.

9. Testing Facility