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Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. (SEI), incorporated in 1897,is a Sumitomo Group company which is carrying on the Sumitomo Business Spirit cultivated through 400 Years. SEI undertakes operations on global scale in five main areas : automotive,information & communication, electronics, electric wire and cable, energy, industrial materials. Through its provision of products and services responding to the demands of customers and all society, SEI aims to be an excellent company recognized and solidly trusted by the global community. Sumitomo Electric is committed to supporting customers with its advanced technology and quality products, obtained through an integrated system from development to manufacturing in Japan.

82C Core Alignment Fusion Splicer


High Definition Core Aligning Fusion Splicer-82C+’s 5 inch LCD monitor with touch screen operation enables to confirm fiber images easily. The Sumitomo splicer can be operated by touching the icons on the screen.

  • Universal Clamp Fiber Holder.
  • Electrode life: 6000 arc discharges.
  • Dual Independent Heater.
  • Long life battery for 320 splice & heat cycle.
  • High Definition Core Monitoring System.
  • Touch optimised user interface and high resolution display.
  • Minimum Splicing Loss.
  • Internal Data Storage: 200/10000 Splice data.
  • Core Alignment Fusion Splicer Z2C


    Sumitomo Fusion Splicer Z2C’s 5 inch LCD monitor with touch screen operation allows to confirm fiber images quickly.Fiber optic splicing machine can be operated by touching the icons on the screen.

  • Fast, Capable, Practical, fast splicing 6 Second/ heating 15s.
  • Electrode life: 6000 arc discharges.
  • Minimum Splicing Loss.
  • Long Life Battery for 300 splice and heat cycle.
  • Internal Data Storage: 200/10000 Splice data.
  • SumiCloud™ Supported.
  • Nanotune™ Technology.
  • Proven Field Toughnes.
  • ofc splicing machine price


    Ribbon fusion splicer 82M12 is a compact and portable design and makes a highly accurate and reliable fusion splice in high speed. A Capacitive touch screen is available on Color LCD Display.

  • Ultra fast splicing (11 sec for 12F Ribbon).
  • Ultra fast heating (25 sec for 12F Ribbon ).
  • Dual Independent Heater.
  • Reduce your work time.
  • Dual Independent Heater.
  • Remote interactive maintenance via internet.
  • Splice loss 0.05 dB.
  • Long-Battery Life.
  • S1V Utra Splicing Machine


    World's smallest Fusion Splicer S1V Ultra and unique technology helps to handle all types of fiber cable used in FTTH like Drop Cable, 2-3mm Cord or 900/250um buffer fiber.

  • Small, Smart & Strong.
  • Hot Core Analysing.
  • Universal Clamp Fiber Holder.
  • Supported SumiCloud™ & Nanotune™ Technology.
  • Magnification- Zoom 360X.
  • 4.3 inch Capacitive touch screen.
  • Minimum Splicing Loss.
  • Long Life Battery for Approx 250 splice & heat Cycle.

  • Sumicloud


    Enhance Your Fiber Optic Splicing Experience
    SumiCloud is the Powerful tool that supports your fusion splicer in the field. Using Smart Phone, connect to internet & Sumitomo's cloud services which include the data management, Asset Management, firmware updates & maintenance support.

    FC-8R Fiber Cleaver

    Optical Fiber Cleaver FC-8R Series

    The FC-8R Series is a handheld Fiber cleaver designed for fiber optic applications. It features an offcut collector and an automatically rotating blade, making it convenient and efficient for fiber cleaving tasks. FC-8R Series is a handheld fiber optic cleaver with offcut collector, automatically rotating blade, up to 12 fiber ribbon.

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