CATV 1310nm Transreciever

CATV Transreciever

Trans-receiver is simply a combination of both optical transmitter and optical receiver. It can achieve RF output of desired level of optical signal (+2 ~ -8dBm). Same time we can get optical power of desired level (9 dBm or 10 dBm). It uses two adaptors, one as a optical in and one as a optical out. Aluminum alloy body is used in outdoors trans-receivers. Very perfect and accurate SMPS is used to operate this kind of trans-receivers

Receiving Optical Power

>-12 ~ +2 dBm

Optical Return Loss


Optical Wavelength

1100 ~ 1600nm

Frequency Range

47 ~ 862 mHz

  • The high performance laser with narrow lanes, good linear and high output power is achieved.
  • Noise and distortion free RF output is achieved on RF output connector.
  • Balanced double RF output with gain and slope controlled (0-18 db) is obtain.
  • There are plug-in duplex filter, plug in fixed equalizer, fixed attenuator, plug-in output splitters are available. Digital optical power indicator ensure quality of the product.
  • There are cast aluminum waterproof housing switching mode power supply with high reliability, strict anti-lightening system to ensure it can work steadily in the field.
  • 1310nm Trans-receiver
  • 1550nm Trans-receiver
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