EDFA 1550nm

EOC Bridge KT-QPL84 Bridge

CATV EDFA 1550nm

CATV EDFA is an important Optical Relay Transmission equipment of 1550nm Optical Fiber Communication system. It is mainly used on long distance Optical Fiber Transmission of television Image signal, Digital Transmission System, Telephone Voice Signal Data Signal. Low noise pump laser of famous brand, import high performance. Erbium-doped fiber, perfect and micro-computer Automatic Controlled System are built in the series to ensure the excellent performance.

Working wavelength

1535~1565 nm

Noise Fig.         


Return Loss Input Port

≥45 dB

Return Loss Output Port

≥45 dB


≥51 dB


≥63 dB


≥63 dB

  • We use noise pump of famous (OCLARO OR JDSU) brand with low distortion, wide bandwidth and high output optical power.
  • We use high performance Erbium-doped fiber, with high energy conversion efficiency; advanced SMT production process with high reliability.
  • Blue VFD Display displaying the operating parameters and fault information accurately.
  • Circuit type EDFA whose noise index is lower than 4 dB (when the input optical power is 0 dB) is mainly used in multistage cascade long distance transmission of primary route.
  • Power type EDFA whose output optical power is 25dB is mainly used in FTTB network of MAN.
  • 16 X 4 dBm
  • 16.4 X 4 dBm
  • 23 X 1 dBm
  • 24 X1 dBm.
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