Field Strength Meter

Field Strength Meter

Field Strength Meter

CATV system is basically a RF Signal distribution system. During distribution RF signal losses according to the resistance of co-axial or the length of co-axial cable it is very necessary to measure the strength of RF Signal for smooth transmission. For measuring strength of RF signal our digital cable signal analyzer is used. Quality wise it has very perfect and accurate measuring characteristics.

Frequency Range

48 ~ 860 MHz


2 to E69 all channels +4 Reverse optional path channel

Signal Level 

35 dBµv to 115 dBµv    



Signal Level Accuracy




Battery Protection

The meter will switch off  automatically

  1. Where battery voltage is less then 5.8V
  2. No. keys are pressed for more then 3 min


LCD 16 Character, 2 Line display with backlight

  • Four channel Display with self calibration up to ±6db.
  • 106 Ch x 120 Location Memory
  • Auto Scan Function
  • Digital PLL Synthesized Tuner
  • CCIR PAL B/G E2 – E69 (106 Channels)
  • 4 channels (Slope Mode) Measurement
  • 4 channels (Absolute Mode) Measurement
  • Four reverse path channels by signal key press(option)
  • Micro controller based SMPS lithium Battery Charger (7.4 V 2200Ma)
  • Accuracy ±1.4 dbµv has been achieved with sophisticated Instrument (R &S Germany)
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